The Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture (FPP) UNDIP carried out workshop activities to increase the competence of graduates of the UNDIP FPP Bachelor of Animal Husbandry, which was held in the FPP UNDIP Dean Hall.
This activity was filled by speakers who were very qualified and professional in Poultry Farming, namely Mas Ganang Setyo Nugroho, Spt. , As Technical Sales Representative PT.Medion. and also received by FPP UNDIP Officials Deputy Dean 1 Dr. Ir. Limbang Kustiawan Nuswantara, S.Pt., M.P., IPU.

Not only stopping with theory, but the event also continued with the practice of microbiological surgery on chickens to find out firsthand the diseases that are infected in chickens.
Why is the chicken house closed?
Chicken is an important source of animal protein in the agricultural industry. To ensure the health and productivity of the chickens, good management in system maintenance is required. One popular approach is closed house management or maintenance in a closed cage. Closed house management keeps chickens in closed and controlled cages with optimally regulated environmental conditions.

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