LTMPT (University Entrance Test Institute) announced the results that were declared to have passed the 2022 SBMPTN on Thursday (23/6/2022) at 15.00 WIB. The announcement of the 2022 SBMPTN results can be accessed via the LTMPT login link mirror at each university.

Head of LP2MP (Institute for Development and Quality Assurance of Education) Diponegoro University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Setia Budi Sasongko, DEA. Congratulations to prospective Undip students who have passed the 2022 SBMPTN. “Being an Undip student is a matter of pride, especially Diponegoro University is the number one graduate whose graduates get jobs according to the QS Rankings version,” he added.

Prof. Budi Sas, as he is known, added UNDIP to the sixth rank for the average score for the 2022 SBMPTN for Science and Technology. This ranking can be a reference or reference for prospective SBMPTN 2023 participants. It was further explained that the UNDIP SBMPTN S1 study program in 2022 was 53 study programs, consisting of 35 study programs in science and technology and 18 social science study programs. For this year, the total interest for the UNDIP 2022 SBMPTN is 55,758 people. Meanwhile, the number received by Diponegoro University through the 2022 SBMPTN route is 3,258 people. The details are 1,904 people received in the Science and Technology study program and 1,354 people received in Social and Social Sciences study program.

Meanwhile, for the percentage of specialization or strictness (i.e., the comparison between those accepted and the applicants), the Social and Social Studies study program at the top rank is the Communication Studies Study Program (FISIP), followed by the second position in the Psychology Study Program (Faculty of Psychology), then the Management Study Program (FEB), the Relationship Study Program. International (FISIP) and ranked fifth in Business Administration (FISIP). As for the science and technology program, the first rank is the pharmacy study program, followed by the dentistry study program and the third medical study program at the Faculty of Medicine, followed by the informatics study program (FT) and nutrition study program (FK) in fifth place.

For those who have passed the 2022 SBMPTN, immediately to re-register the UNDIP SBMPTN for the 2022/2023 academic year, access via To login, use the UTBK participant number and birth date password (DDMMYY) starting from 24-29 June 2022. The UTBK certificate can be downloaded on 25 June-31 July 2022.

For those who have not passed the SBMPTN, Diponegoro University opens the UNDIP Independent Examination (UM) route until June 26, 2022. Complete information can be accessed at: or contact . (Ut-Humas UNDIP)


Article Source: UNDIP

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