The Indo Livestock 2022 Expo & Forum exhibition at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta, was held for 3 days, starting from Wednesday to Friday today (08/07). This exhibition covers the livestock industry, agriculture, animal feed, dairy processing, animal health, veterinary equipment, and fisheries. This exhibition is the first exhibition on animal husbandry and agriculture which is the first to be held after the pandemic. The Indo Livestock 2022 exhibition is interesting because this exhibition is a forum for information and a meeting place for agriculture, fisheries and animal husbandry stakeholders from 200 participants from 23 countries, of which 4 countries have their own country pavilions/booths.

The Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture of Diponegoro University also participated in enlivening the Indo Livestock 2022 exhibition by sending a team of student representatives from the Faculty of Animal Science, namely Astri Enggar Ningtyas, Zulkhi Iqulhaq, Aqil Nurwikan Rizky, Nur Fitriani, Alif Anindya Adyatma Rifa’i, Raihan Ismail, and M .Krishna Duta. The student representatives were certainly not alone, but were accompanied by several lecturers and the Dean of the Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture UNDIP. FPP UNDIP opened a booth at the Indo Livestock exhibition on row number A-92 by bringing superior products produced from several laboratories at FPP UNDIP, including Herbamast products produced by the UNDIP Animal Husbandry Lab to treat mastitis for goats and cattle, some books on animal husbandry and agriculture published by PPTU, organic fertilizers made by the Agroecotechnology Laboratory, various kinds of biscuits and processed foods from the Food Technology Lab, to home-made batik.

One of the representatives of FPP UNDIP at the exhibition, Astri Enggar Ningtyas expressed his joy in participating in the exhibition which was held for 3 (three) days. “The impression of the message while participating in the Indolivestock exhibition is really cool, because there are lots of booths from other universities and many company booths here. My hope is for FPP UNDIP in the future, maybe both students and lecturers can further enhance collaboration for future Indo Livestock events so that they can bring the good name of UNDIP,” said Astri. (Ardian-IT)

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