PT Sugar Group Companies is a world-class integrated sugar producer in Indonesia, covering every aspect of sugar production from sugar cane cultivation, refining, to packaging, distribution and marketing. Sugar Group Companies markets Gulaku and JJ Royal Coffee, leaders in their respective categories, through more than 20 branches throughout Indonesia.

Position : Staff Plantation Dept 

  • Position Category:Miscellaneous / Etc
  • Deadline: May 18 2022 (8 more days)
  • Industry Field:Plantation
  • Min. Education: Diploma
  • Job Type:Full Time
  • Placement: Lampung

General Terms:

  • Minimum GPA 3.00
  • Able to work individually and in team
  • Willing to work in the field
  • Willing to be placed in plantation in Lampung
  • Able to directly handle field operations
  • For education D3/D4/S1

Special Terms

Major :

  • Horticultural Agronomy
  • Agrotechnology
  • Plant breeding
  • Agribusiness
  • Plant protection
  • Geology
  • Agricultural microbiology
  • Forestry
  • Agricultural engineering
  • Agricultural technology
  • Biology
  • Engineering : Electrical, Geology, Geodesy, Geophysics (Drone Specialization)

General description

  • Ensuring plantation operational activities run well
  • Supervise activities in the field in accordance with applicable SOPs
  • Parts in need : Plantation (Plantation Dept)

Disclaimer :

  • Sugar group companies do not charge any fees during this recruitment process
  • The test will be conducted online

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