Scholarships Programs

the following types of scholarships:

  1. UKT Assistance Scholarship: as the name implies, this scholarship provides assistance to ease students in paying UKT, usually given every semester (6 months).
  2. Pocket Money Scholarship: as the name implies, this scholarship provides pocket money or living expenses for student needs, usually given every month or combined once every semester.
    Coaching Assistance Scholarship: this scholarship provides facilities for students who want to improve their soft skills such as in the fields of Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Internship Training, Religious Cadre and so on.
  3. Full Scholarship: as the name suggests, this scholarship usually helps reduce UKT costs, provides pocket money, and provides training to scholarship recipients.
  4. Other scholarships: providing other assistance, for example in the form of housing, help to buy college books, bonuses, and so on.
    the names of the scholarship programs in collaboration with the Undip campus. Come on, you can take notes!



General requirement

  1. Actively registered as an Undip student and not or currently on leave or academic suspension.
  2. Coming from an economically disadvantaged family by attaching accurate evidence or information.
  3. Attach a scholarship application letter addressed to the Undip Chancellor through their respective faculties.
  4. Not currently receiving scholarships from other agencies or tuition waivers.
  5. Physically and mentally healthy.
  6. Attach a copy of the KHS (Study Result Card) which has been ratified by the authorized official.
  7. Attach a copy of KTM (Student Identity Card) and KK (Family Card).
  8. Fill out the scholarship application form provided by the source/scholarship provider.
  9. Make writings/essays if requested by the scholarship giver.
  10. Attach a copy of the active account number as requested by the scholarship provider.
  11. Attach a certificate from a drug-free doctor if requested by the scholarship provider.


Special Requirements

  1. Attach a copy of the Certificate of Graduation and UAN high school grades/equivalent (for new students/semester 1)
  2. Attach a copy of grade 3 report card.
  3. Attach a passport photo.
  4. Attach a letter of recommendation from the Chancellor.
  5. Attach a copy of study progress / KHS for the last 2 semesters, not a transcript.
  6. Minimum semester.
  7. Minimum GPA.
  8. Minimum credit.
  9. Attach SKCK (Certificate of Police Records)
  10. Have the ability to speak English.
  11. Pass the interview and psychological test
  • Supersemar Scholarship
  • Pertamina KPP-KPS Scholarship
  • Toyota Astra Motor Scholarship
  • PT. Scholarship Indonesia EPSON Industry
  • General Electric Scholarship
  • YAMPI Scholarship
  • Bank Indonesia Scholarship
  • Marubeni Scholarship Foundation Scholarship
  • PT. Scholarship Petroleum Condor
  • PT Djarum Scholarship
  • Gudang Garam Scholarship
  • BBM PKPS Scholarship
  • Anugerah Scholarship (Dufa Program)
  • PT. Scholarship Multipolar
  • IJARI Scholarship
  • Salim . Foundation Scholarship
  • PT. Scholarship Ing. Aetna Life Indonesia
  • PT. Scholarship Apac Core Corpora
  • TPSDP Student Equity Scholarship
  • PT. Scholarship Bank Central Asia
  • Kalbe Dharma Bakti Foundation Scholarship
  • SCTV Scholarship
  • PT. Scholarship Indocement Tunggal Mighty
  • Tempo MBM Scholarship
  • TNI Career Soldier Scholarship — AU
  • EXXON Mobil Scholarship
  • Lovin Scholarship
  • Toyota Otopart . Scholarship
  • PT. Scholarship Protective Means
  • Riot Scholarship
  • Duafa Scholarship Program
  • PPA Dikti Scholarship
  • Student Study Assistance Scholarship (BBM)
  • UMPTN Entrance Scholarship (BMU)
  • Central Java Provincial Education Scholarship
  • PT. Scholarship Bank BTN (Tsunami/Aceh)
  • IKA UNDIP Foundation Scholarship (Tsunami / Aceh)
  • TIFICO Foundation Scholarship
  • BRI Scholarship
  • Dataprint Scholarship
  • Bank Muamalat Scholarship
  • Beastudi Ethos
  • Tanoto Foundation Scholarship
  • BIDIKMISI Scholarship
  • KSE Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarship


The Faculty of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture, University of Diponegoro opens opportunities for FPP UNDIP students who are now in their final semester to take part in the student exchange program to Kagawa university with funding from the Japanese government.